Sunday, June 1, 2014

YW 12 Week Personal Progress Challenge

Thought I'd dust off the ol' blog to share this Young Women's idea I've put together. I'm the Personal Progress Coordinator in our ward and we've decided to do a 12 week/12 experience challenge. We're combining this with our Bishop's challenge for the youth to read Preach My Gospel by Sept. 1. It's ambitious, I know, but with some organizing and a lot of encouragement, I think we can make it!

My theme is "Dive into Personal Progress" and the final reward is going to be a pool party. Only downside is that there's only 11 weeks of summer we'll have to have our final week & reward after school's back. Who goes back to school on August 19?! It's crazy early, right? I digress.

We're doing weekly activities (that are optional) and I'm looking for ways to make PP fun on those days. Treats are mandatory, obviously, and since we'll be meeting outside until the weather hits Insane on the thermometer, around mid-July, it'll be popsicles, Klondike bars, ice cream sandwiches, watermelon, etc. I'd like to do some outdoor craft/game/fun things that can be altered to fit PP--like water balloons, sprinklers, relay races, etc., but I haven't thought those through yet. Or found them on Pinterest, ha ha.

So here are the links to the documents I've made. The charts are PDF's because the formatting got all screwy when I uploaded it to Google Drive. The Info Pages are in Word so they can be altered, but I make no guarantees to the formatting. I bet you all could make it a thousand times cuter. When you improve it, make sure you post it on Pinterest so I can download the cuter version, 'kay?

Tracking Page

Dive Into Personal Progress Info Pages

Preach My Gospel 3 Month Reading Chart