Thursday, September 27, 2007

A Foray Into Poetry

Well, my laptop spent a week in the shop and I just got it back, hence the lack of posts lately. The desktop computer downstairs is miserable to use - the keys are really stiff so you have to bang on the space bar and the table it sits on is too high so my wrists end up with slash marks across them from the edge of the desk, as if the computer is saying "Here's where to cut when you can't take it anymore."

So I used all of my pent up angst and, in the way of all true artistes, channeled it into that ultimate form of angst expression, a poem. It's a little story of true love, loss, and finding peace through the pain. Here goes.

Ode To My Laptop

Oh to see my laptop, shiny and white
Lying forlornly on the table.
I knew you'd work for me if you could,
If only you were able.

Your board had lost it's logic,
Your memory'd gone bad.
Your adapter gave no power,
Your keyboard looks so sad.

And so with dragging feet
And a very heavy heart,
It was clearly inevitable
That you and I must part.

But not forever, No!
Although it seemed that way.
You were only gone a week
Give or take a day.

I spent my days with the desktop machine
Sitting on a cold metal folding chair,
Wishing for your speedy return
And the comfy couch we'd share.

Yes, you and I, in the living room
On a squishy sofa where
The kids would join us after school
And do their homework there.

The questions they asked, of history
And science and equations,
I could google on your screen
With little hesitation.

Finally the day had come
And my heart began to sing
When I heard it was Cameron from MacDocs
Who caused the phone to ring!

I brought you home and fired you up
To download my email,
Then left you on the table
When I heard the baby's wail.

But alas! What were you doing
When next I came downstairs?
Showing "Whose Line" on YouTube
And my family's laughs to share!

What happened while we were apart
Oh laptop, my fickle friend,
That caused our once-exclusive
Relationship to end?

Your logic was restored,
Your adapter is now powered.
Your keyboard is once more intact -
But your memory is still soured.

One day I'll buy more RAM, it's true
But it will never be the same.
My husband watches videos with you
And the boys play their computer games.

So I'll find my way to the cold metal chair
And hear the laughter from the couch above.
Dear laptop, though you're no longer mine alone,
I'll remember our time together with love.

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