Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Three Year Olds Expound On Theology

Zack and his friend Jonathan were eating their lunch while singing the First Article of Faith (which are the tenets of the LDS faith) and then had a discussion on the nature of the Holy Ghost.  I wanted to add subtitles, because you have to be fluent in three-year-old-speak to understand it all, but give it a shot anyhow.  


Cash_Killa said...

OH MY FRIGGIN GOODNESS, Zack is soooooo cute! his voice has changed so much in 9 months. i cant wait to see you guys again. their is a couple with a daughter around Darcey's age and everytime i see her i just think thats what Darceys gonna look like when I see her next. (except Dacey will be far cuter) well, ill chat at ya soon. i wanna call sometime. maybe if dad gets off the phone, then it could be tonight, but Im not sure.

SaraH G said...

that's great! I guess i'm mostly fluent, as i got all but 2 lines of it, i think.
Kids are just AMAZING! compare this to what they'll be explaining in another 3 years and it won't be so different... and yet... yeah, it will! ha

Super Angie said...

I was googling Kuala Lumpur and LDS church, and found your post from August. I am going to K.L. in May...please email me. I want to talk with you about your experience!