Thursday, October 9, 2008

Overheard At My House

For the last few weeks, I've been writing down some of the funnier (I think) things that my kids have said. My dad always said that kids get way more interesting when they learn how to talk, and while Darcey is certainly cute to look at, the other kids definitely can provide a serious amount of amusing conversation.

This first conversation happened a few weeks ago, when I told the kids that we were planning to go to Albuquerque, New Mexico while Ryan attends a Flash conference. (We actually leave this weekend.) They started shooting questions at me, bam bam bam, and I could barely keep up.

Brad: can we go somewhere in Mexico, like Puerto Rico?
Noah: can we go to China instead?
Me: Puerto Rico isn't in Mexico, and we're talking about NEW Mexico.
Brad: question one - when would we go?
Me: possibly in October
Noah: Can we go to Boston?
Brad: question two - would we still have enough money to go to California?
Me: California is not one of our choices. Neither is Boston.
Noah: Do they speak another language there?
Me: where, Boston?
Noah: Yeah.
Brad: Yeah, they do. They're really hard to understand.

These next three all happened at dinner, where the fare served was BLT sandwiches.

Noah: (looking at the bacon in his BLT, which he has already started eating) Is this bacon made out of pig or dog?

Noah, again: (examining his sandwich) I said I wanted this on toast.
Me: It is toast.
Noah: this is toast?
Me: Yes, toast is bread that is put in a ...
Noah: Wait - (thinks for a second) Toaster?

Zack rolled his race car across the dinner table, where it hit me on it's way onto the floor.
Zack, whining: Mo-o-o-m, my car fell!
Me: Then go get it.
Zack: I can't! I can't get it! You get it!
Me: Why not, are your legs broken?
Zack: Yes. (Pause) Are your legs broken?
Me: No, my legs work just fine.
Zack: Then you get it!

This last one was just this morning, while we were both sitting quietly at the table, eating our breakfast.

Brad: I want to get an animal I can ride. Like a really strong pig.

Man, these kids crack me up! Since Darcey isn't represented in any of these, here are some cute pictures that I took of her the other day.

If you've been following our backyard playground saga, you'll be happy to know that on Labor Day we came up with yet another way to possibly maim our children. We bought a dome climber, which is one of those half-spheres that you can find on most elementary school playgrounds, although smaller. The kids love it and it, so far, has yet to draw blood. It'll happen, though; from the following pictures you can see that the boys are less than timid about the perils of backyard play, and Zack falls pretty much every single day. I told Ryan that the next serious injury back there (broken bone, concussion, etc) I'm tearing up the grass and paving the yard with Nerf. He said that Nerf is a company, not a product, so what I'm actually saying is that I'd pave the yard with Nerf employees. I don't really care what we pave the yard with - I'd pave it with jello and feathers if that wouldn't be an unholy mess. Anyhow, for now, we're good with this. Soon it will snow and my ridiculous fears will transfer from playground equipment to skiing into a tree. It's a wonder I can sleep at night at all!

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