Wednesday, November 18, 2009

My One Funny Thought

I was going to write a nice, juicy blog entry complaining, of all things, about my mailbox. But I will not do that, because seriously, does this world need another complaint about the postal system? I don't think so. I'm going to cut to the chase and write the single funny thought that compelled me to open the blog in the first place.

In my mailbox today I found a package from my mom. It was filled with wonderous gastronomical delights from England, namely French and Swiss chocolate. Ha ha! But wait, that wasn't the funny thought.

Also in the box was a jar of lemon curd from Yorkshire, and you know how much I love lemons. Mmmmm. The thing that got me was that the jar was labeled "Free Range Lemon Curd." Really? Made with actual, free range lemons? Lemons able to roam around the farm at their will, feasting on sunlight like God intended. Lemons living cruelty-free, right up until the point where they are sliced in half and crushed to wring every last drop of lemony tartness out of them. Free Range Lemon Curd. My conscience feels better already, just for owning such PETA friendly food. Or is that PETL - People for the Ethical Treatment of Lemons? If there's not a movement for cage-free, grain-fed, all organic lemons, well, there should be. Yorkshire shouldn't be the only safe place for lemons to grow. A happy lemon is a healthy lemon.

Okay, that was the funny thought. In case you didn't notice.


Kim said...

That sounds delicious! I want some lemon curd now. I am going to ask where she got it! Enjoy the Angelina's Chocolate, happy VERY VERY late birthday!

Shauna said...

Oh Emily, you made my day!!

rachel said...

Jeff read this blog this morning (before I had seen it) and said, laughing, "have you seen Emily's blog yet? It is vintage Emily." thanks for making us both laugh.

Sarah said...

You got my eyebrows raised and the corners of my mouth are twitching... :)