Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Summer Reading List

I got my reading list for the Adolescent Lit class I'm taking during the second half of the summer.  I have to read a different book for every class period (3x per week) but most of the books look good so I'm not unhappy.  In fact, I like having a stack of books just waiting to be read.

Go Ask Alice- Sparks
Walk Two Moons – Creech
Out of the Dust – Hesse
Nightjohn – Paulson
Watsons Go to Birmingham – Curtis
Fahrenheit 451 – Bradbury
Graveyard Book – Gaiman
any Harry Potter book
Shipwreck at the Bottom of the World – Armstrong
Hitler Youth – Bartoletti
Touching Spirit Bear – Michaelsen
Breathing Underwater – Flinn
Staying Fat for Sarah Byrnes – Crutcher
Stuck in Neutral – Trueman
American Born Chinese – Yang
Higher Power of Lucky- Patron
Seedfolk – Fleishman
Rules – Lord
Catcher in the Rye – Salinger
Forever – Blume

I've read 7 of these books before.  I decided to start with Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (since it's easily the longest book on the list) and I'm loving it.  What a great book series!  Fahrenheit 451 is another I'm looking forward to re-reading.  And the third Hunger Games book comes out in August, which I will definitely make time for.   I'm least excited about Forever by Judy Blume.  I read it in middle school, where it was known for having the "good" scenes dog-eared for easy reference.  And by "good" I mean "inappropriate for a twelve-year-old."

How about you?  What are you planning on reading this summer?  Have any fond (or not so fond) memories of any of the books on the list?


ashley coslett said...

are you taking this from Kay Smith? she's amazing! i took this class a few years ago, and the reading load is a little hefty but not heavy, if that makes sense. it was such a fun class for me to take... it's like jumping back to junior high and high school all over again. haha. i think you will love this!

Emily said...

Yeah, it's Kay Smith. I'm really looking forward to it - I love reading and having an excuse to buy a dozen books. :) Was there a lot of writing, i.e. papers and stuff? A final exam?

Dad said...

I tried doing Catcher in the Rye and found it just irritating, though Dennis Miller loved it so much that one of his boys are named Holden. I love reading lists even if they aren't books I'd read. Last time we did this I read F 451 and loved it.

ashley said...

kay is amazing and doesnt really believe in final exams, only final projects. you basically have to do one project per book, which gets a little hectic. i dont know if that will be the case for a summer class though. Projects consist of anything your heart desires that would represent the book you read. its awesome! but not so awesome if you're not much of a "hands on" type of gal.

Sarah S said...

Didn't like the Graveyard Book. In fact, I still don't get why it won the Newbury. Of course, this year's Newbury is just as weird. Most of these books I have never heard of. Tell me which ones are good and I'll read them.