Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Girls Are Different From Boys, A Visual Explanation

Before I had Darcey, I had three boys. They were typical boys, I suppose, in that they liked cars and balls and peeing outside. Then I had a girl, who is typical also, in that she likes pink and barbies and telling on her brothers. Sometimes the kids break stereotypes, as in when my boys are melodramatic and overly emotional. Sometimes they don't.

As a visual representation of how girls are different from boys, please see Exhibit A: First Day of School Pictures.

Here's Zack, looking excited for the first day of second grade.

Noah. The enthusiasm for first day of school pictures is waning. But he's a good sport.

Zack and Noah. You can't even tell how much they whined about having to stand that close to each other.

Brad. Under extreme duress. Would rather die than have his first day of school picture taken.

Here's Darcey. She's going into preschool with flair! And jazz hands! I don't think my boys could strike a pose like that if they tried--and they would NEVER try!

Are boys and girls different? I say yes.


Denise said...

You are one lucky mommy!!! How adorable is that dress??? Hmmm.

Emily Simmons said...

Ryan took three pics of Darcey this morning, and she's posing in all three. I know--I got so, so lucky!!

rachel said...

That is awesome!

Mama Gale said...

That is totally awesome...

Luisa said...

I LOVE it. SO fun.