Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Am Fundamentally Different From My Husband

If you would like a peek into how Ryan sees the differences between him and me, here is a (slightly embellished) conversation we just had.

I was browsing on Pinterest and came across a recipe for Crockpot Greek Yogurt. "Ooh!" I said to Ryan, who was sitting across from me watching me browse the internet (slightly less boring than watching paint dry, because paint never shouts "Ooh!" for no apparent reason.)  "Here's a recipe for making your own Greek yogurt in a crockpot!"

"If I were to write a recipe for how to make Greek yogurt, it would go like this," he said. "Step One: Go to the grocery store. Step Two: Buy Greek yogurt. Step Three: Go home and think about all the time you saved by not making your own Greek yogurt."

"Ha ha," says I, only slightly meaning it.

He continued. "And if you were to write a recipe for how to make Greek yogurt, it would go, Step One: Go to Greece."

"Step Two," I said,  "Switch my major to Modern Greek Yogurt Making."

"Step Three: Tell all your friends about the joys of making your own Greek yogurt. Blog about it. Change your entire diet to revolve around Greek yogurt. Get tired of Greek yogurt. Get to the point where Greek yogurt is the bane of your existence. Become anti-Greek yogurt. Then head to Pinterest to find your new favorite thing."

I had stopped listening at that point. "Ooh! Here's how to turn your old t-shirts into knitted dishcloths! Imagine all the things I could knit with our old clothes."

And scene.


cindy baldwin said...

I wandered over here from Segullah and about died laughing reading this post. That. Is. So. Me. And bravo to your husband for so perfectly and wittily summing it up!

Emily Simmons said...

Thanks for visiting, Cindy! Sometimes I wish I was this complicated, mysterious woman that always keeps my husband guessing...but I am not. So predictable, I am.

Dee said...

LoL... I'm glad that I stumbled across your blog. Your post really had me laughing. I'll have to visit again.

Jennifer P.S. said...

Oh, that is hilarious. Thanks for the laugh tonight. Well done.