Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Project B.S.E. - Meanwhile, Back at the Ranch

While I was off getting my nerd on in Calgary, Tim and the kids were having a great time of their own.

 These pictures were taken when Tim took the kids to Bridal Veil Falls. He brought along a waterproof film camera (which technology baffled the kids, I'm sure.)

 Inveterate poser. She just can't stop herself.

 Zack's machine-pitch team finished its season while I was gone. I don't think Zack will miss it much.
 Brad went on the Pioneer Trek and when he came home, Tim noticed how tan Brad had gotten. And then Brad showered and came out as pale as he normally is...yeah, that's a lot of dirt on one kid.
 The night Ryan and I were heading home, Tim took the kids out to dinner at Outback Steakhouse to celebrate surviving a whole week of watching the kids single-handedly. And also because there was leftover funny money from the stash I had given Tim for the week. They all deserved it, in my book.

We got home while Tim and the kids were still gone, which, I have to say, makes for a very gentle re-entry. Coming home and adjusting to the chaos, noise, and constant barrage of requests is one of the hardest parts of a trip without kids. We made it a little easier on ourselves by Skyping with the kids a few times during the week. One night (maybe Friday?) Noah asked me via Skype where the pizza cutter was. I could be 1,000 miles away, and there could be a responsible adult not only in the same state but also in the very same room, and kids will still ask their mothers to do things for them. Hilarious. Overall, Ryan and I had a fantastic trip and some excellent marriage-strengthening alone time, the kids had a blast with their uncle Tim, and Tim got a serious lesson in the importance of birth control. (Darcey woke up 5 times a night many of the nights we were gone. Tim would wake up to see her looming over his face and it scared the garbage out of him. I find this absolutely hysterical. Also, I told Tim this explains why I've been in a bad mood for the last 14 years: lack of sleep. He seems to really get me now.)

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