Sunday, June 3, 2007

The Birds and The Cows

It was inevitable, really, that the question would come up. Brad takes all of the childbirth-related topics in stride, because one time he was watching a PBS show about birth and, naively, I assumed that surely they wouldn't show too much of the actual birth. So Brad got an eyeful, a better view than I've ever had, and really doesn't have to ask the question "Where do babies come from?"

But Noah is a different story. He was too young when Zack was born to question much, so he's fairly inquisitive now. Today after Ryan's family left, Noah asked to hold Darcey. I said he could, after I fed her. He went into the dining room to wait, and a few minutes later asked when I was going to feed her. I already was, sitting on the couch, and he came over to investigate.

He asked what I was doing, and I said I was feeding her. "What are you feeding her with?" he asked. "Well," I said, "Human moms and other animal moms make milk to feed their babies." The light dawned - "Oh, yeah!" he said, excited, and pulled up his shirt. Pointing to his nipple, he said, "The milk comes out of this, right?" "Right, exactly!" I answered. Then he pointed to the other one. "And the food comes out of this one!"

An interesting concept, but no. And that is why I keep this blog. Because I never would be able to remember this and use it to taunt him when he has kids of his own!

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