Saturday, June 30, 2007

One Month Birthday!

I don't really know how to calculate Darcey's birthday since she was born on the 31st but there's only 30 days in the month... so I think today is close enough. To celebrate, I took her to Kiddie Kandids and had some professional pictures taken. And boy is she cute!! Here they are, for your viewing pleasure.


Drake Steel said...

Great pictures Emily and Darcey! But... Where is the story? Come on don't tell me that you just put the baby in the car left the rest o' the kids with Ryan got there and came back. I'm not buying it. If there isn't at least one irrational tantrum, crisis, idication of bad mommying, bad daddying, danger from the death machine, issue with a neighbor or other, then I know that you really didn't do this thing.

Tim said...

trust me dad, all we really wanted to do was forget we were there. it took FOREVER! I believe "eternity" was the way Emily described it, but Bill Cosby would use the term "marriage". (i read that like maybe ten minutes. i feel good that i can already put it to use!)