Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Gym Thoughts From a Pro

My parents are excellent gym-goers. They started going a few years back, when they decided to lose some weight before my brother Drew's wedding, and they both look fantastic! My dad is my guest blogger for today, so let's look at going to the gym from his point of view:

I love going to the gym.

I feel all pumped and ready to get on with life.

I've got my gym fantasies and they are:

1. Using the new cross trainer that has a Ipod attachment that will play all ipod realated stuff, video, music, podcasts and can display the video full screen, all the while charging the device! How much better does it get than that?

2. Getting more than the 30 minutes which the gym rules allow. The my inner-econ major has to say here, for the record, that this is supply and demand. It costs nothing to use a really good gym hence everyone wants to use it. Also, in the Obama era, when the tax (30 minute time limit) is too high (I'm stretching here but it might be interesting) people are encouraged to cheat. Because of these concepts, I, for instance, get there at 9:01 sign up for from 9:15 to 9:45, everything after 9:45 is like gold in my mind!

3. An empty room and a near endless array of equipment to use. I often try to go when I do a 11am shift so I can go at 9, get a good sweat going, then a shower, and off to work!

Here's what yesterday brought in a painful kind of order:

1. Its school break (my better half pointed out that its indeed not school break so the gym was freakishly quiet) so fantasy gym experience #3 is in order, generally mom's drop off their kids at school and stop in to work out, talk loudly or more correctly yell at each other quietly. But with school break it's different, their are all gone to various destinations around Europe and doing vacation things.

2. I'm there at roughly 9:05 and can look forward to a near-felonious 55 minutes on one machine.

3. My favorite cross trainer, is being cleaned up by some stranger. In my tiny reptilian mind I'm thinking... "hmmm, he's new, fat and must be done with the machine so I should be good?" No, he's indeed new to the place as I've never seen him in these parts before, chubby so this is just a guilt trip for him and will not darken the gym's door again anytime soon, and is he cleaning the equipment to be kind to the next user or a germ freak who wants to clean it up for himself? As I know the answer I saddle up on an alternative cross trainer, of course they are all available. They suck compared to the Cadillac of cross trainers. So I squint at the tiny ipod video screen (I love it but love it even more with a big display) and look longingly over my shoulder to see if the ONLY OTHER PERSON in the gym is still using my favorite machine. Of course he is and continues until after felony time is done at roughly 09:19... Then he can't waddle out of the place fast enough.

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