Friday, April 10, 2009

A Ninja Fight in 10 Acts

Noah and his friend Daniel created a super-special Ninja fight, which they announced via hand-made invitations that they passed out to the neighborhood. I saw them practicing yesterday, although I didn't realize it was "practice" and therefore almost ruined the whole thing by taking their sticks away. (I have a strict no-kids-with-sticks policy. It's just a bad idea, generally.) They choreographed the whole thing, and even dressed in special costumes of all black, including their black church shoes.

The invitation read:

Ninja Fight Act.
Date Apr 10
Place Smith house
time 4:00

There are 10 acts. But we have a special act. Noah and Daneil will do the special act.
P.S. The special act will be fighting.

Ryan, Brad, and Zack were the only ones there for the first performance. The second one starts in 15 minutes, so they're hoping for a better turnout. Just in case no one shows, though, I'm posting it here. After all, that's what the internet is for, right?

Hope you enjoy it.

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rachel said...

I hadn't seen this because we were out of town. It is funny. I like the music in the background, and that is quite the choreography. And, the ending, well, just can't be beat! :)