Saturday, June 6, 2009

Less Melodrama, More Funny

It has come to my attention that the last two posts have been entirely too depressing.  As a result, I vow to be at least 50% funnier in my next blog.  And to thank you for giving me another chance, here's today's amusing anecdote:

Zack and two of his friends were overheard having an argument about who was nicer.  "I'm nicer!"  "No, I'm nicer!"  Zack takes his open palm, whacks one of the kids in the chest and shouts, "I'm the nice one!"

We leave Tuesday for Walt Disney World, a magical land where children are always delighted, parents are always energetic, and everyone is the nice one.  My blog next week is guaranteed to be so upbeat and cheerful, it will be the blog version of "It's A Small World."  Only it won't get stuck in your head.  


rachel said...

Emily, you have some REALLY funny one-liners in theses blogs that I missed while I was out of town. Thanks for the laugh. I love the story about Zack.

thesphinx said...

You can't possibly have unhappy kids at Disney World. Even the tram drivers are happy.