Friday, July 10, 2009

A Blog About Nothing

I've been needing to write a blog entry for a week now, and have found myself with nothing to write about. I haven't been doing anything interesting, nothing interesting has happened. My brain appears to have taken the summer off. The best blog fodder is when something out of the ordinary happens, or when I can think novel thoughts about ordinary stuff. It's SOOO easy to write about catastrophes, but try writing about how your swamp cooler seems to be working rather well this year. Trust me, no one wants to read that.

So here are the things that have happened recently that are too uninteresting to write about:

I got a haircut that I don't hate.
Our ant problem seems to have resolved itself, or at least the ants have gotten better at hiding.
Darcey found a cup of milk ripening in the backyard, but she didn't drink it.
I listened to one great, two mediocre, and one truly awful audiobooks.
I am neglecting my homework like a true Mudgett; however, the classes are so easy that all I need is one good effort and I'll be caught up.
The kids have a cough, but it's not the swine flu.

Is it horrible that I wish we had the swine flu just so I can have something interesting to write about? Yes, because so many people have the swine flu now that even if we get it, it'll be prosaic, done to death. We've missed the window for swine flu being cool and original - when we get it, we'll just look like attention-seeking wannabes.

I would never have pegged myself as a Drama Queen, but I know for sure I don't want to be the Boredom Queen, either. If I had to have a title, I'd want to be the Queen of Quirk, the Sovereign of the Slightly Interesting, the Amusing Yet Charming And Slightly Off-Beat Monarch. You could call me Princess Pithy for short.

It looks like I need to start manufacturing interesting experiences in the name of blog production. Maybe a road trip, or a home improvement project. If I wanted to get REALLY interesting, I would take the family camping, or start potty-training Darcey. Or both on the same weekend! Of course, I doubt I'd survive a weekend like that with my mind intact, and I don't know what the internet connection is like in the loony bin, so maybe I should take it easy on myself. I think I'll wait until my brain comes back from vacation and see if it has anything interesting to say.


Michaelbrent said...

Love the thoughts. Your blog is great. You have a way of making the ordinary even more ordinary... but still funny!

Michaelbrent said...

Though I'm sad that you didn't include reading MY blog in your list of ordinariness...

Emilayohead said...

It was reading your blog that made me realize my brain is not currently capable of coming up with interesting thoughts today. The next time I write about nothing, I'll make sure you're included.