Wednesday, January 20, 2010

That's Hot

So I was in the car today picking up the boys from kindergarten and Zack asked me a question.

Zack: Mom, do you think I'm hot?
Me: (cough) Um, what do you think hot means?
Zack: It means I'm cute.
Me: Well, yes, I do think you're cute.
Zack: (pause) I told Laura that today.
Me: What did you tell Laura?
Zack: I told Laura that she's hot.
Me: (Trying not to laugh) And what did Laura say?
Zack: (dejected) Nothing.

Laura's the girl that Zack and another of his friends is in love with. A third friend is in love with Rebecca. I'm waiting for the kindergarten class to go through sexual harassment training. It looks like they might need it.


rachel said...

This is strikingly similar to the conversation about gorgeous that these boys had. It ended with Zack saying, "hellooooo gorgeous!!" They crack me up.

Kim said...

Kim likes this


HAHAHA! love Kindergarten! Karlee and another girl got caught kissing Aaron G. two weeks ago but that quickly ended and now they all like Carter. Girls are fickle.