Monday, February 8, 2010

Come Monday

If there's one thing I love, it's being completely different than everybody else. (If there's a second thing I love, it's fitting in - try and explain that, will you?) I wake up today and see everyone's Facebook status complaining about it being Monday morning again and I just don't relate. I love Mondays.

Monday is a bright, shiny package waiting to be opened and revealing the brand-new week that I've always wanted. On Monday, everything is possible. It is possible that I will do all the things on my unrealistically long to-do list. It is possible that I will go to the gym every day and make healthy food for dinner that the kids will actually like. It is possible that I will finally update my Quickbooks files and return the overdue book to the library and organize the medicine cabinet. On Monday I am full of energy and enthusiasm and productivity. I love Monday.

By about Thursday, the glow of the week has definitely faded. I start to see the reality of the week. I've already missed a day (or three) at the gym. My to-do list is almost as long as it was on Monday. Not only have my dinners missed the mark, I've forgotten several ingredients and now I'm making boxed mac and cheese until I can find the energy to go back to the store. Which I won't find, because the energy of Monday has completely evaporated, along with the enthusiasm and productivity.

By the weekend, which everyone on FB is celebrating, I'm a worn-out shell, beaten down by unfulfilled expectations and the prospect of 48 hours of non-stop parenting. Sunday, and I say this with so much sadness, is the worst day of them all. My energy is actually in reverse that day, Sunday sucks energy out of me. The enforced non-productivity really throws me and we've had so many bad Sundays that there's very little enthusiasm left for that day. A lot of my Sunday-frustration has to do with the high expectations that our religion puts on Sunday being a day of rest dedicated to God. I feel extreme guilt when my day doesn't measure up. I'm working to come up with a better plan for Sunday - I think it's a day (for our family, at least) that needs forethought in order to work right. The last thing God wants on the Sabbath is for us to be miserable in His name.

Anyhow, I love Mondays. They get a bad rap, but mostly from those people who do things like work, you know, at a job with a cubicle and dress code and set hours. I'm going to carry the torch for Monday, it's such a great day. But what am I still doing, sitting here? It's Monday, I've got a million things to do if I'm going to get through that to-do list this week!


Sarah said...

Sunday is the day for my children to fight and shriek at each other and me and my hubby all day! That's why we play "Love at Home" on the iPod so we can laugh about how Sunday is usually a challenge.

You can have my Monday package. I'm already wiped out. I don't want any more DRAMA in my life from anyone else! Too bad it's family! LOL!

Ah, enjoy your Monday. As for me, I'm counting hours until bedtime.


rachel said...

Sunday is my hardest day too, and it makes me sad too. I don't like Saturdays much lately either - too much nagging the kids to get their chores done so we can play, which we hardly ever get around to doing. I agree - something needs to change. And, my Mondays are different from most people, and I don't know what to think of them.

Drake Steel said...

Hmmm, Am I the only one who does a Sunday afternoon nap?