Sunday, June 3, 2012

Project B.S.E. Days 2-4

First weekend of summer...and I was already irritated with the constant noise of people in the house. That's not going to make this Summer the Best.Ever. Still, a bunch of fun stuff happened, so let's take a look.

Friday--no pictures, but we ran a lot of errands. Noah went to the skate park, Brad went to the batting cages at Trafalga, I spent three hours stuffing envelopes with Star Wars family stickers...kind of a nothing day. This funny conversation happened:

(Noticing the loud nature sounds outside the Bert Murdock music store.)
Me: There sure are a lot of crickets here. I wonder why.
Brad: Must be a lot of people telling bad jokes.

On Saturday, we went to the neighborhood pancake breakfast and softball game. Brad is hitting and Noah is catching.

Ryan in the outfield. He caught Brad's pop flies.

And he wasn't too bad at hitting, either. I made a great spectator.

This girl knows how to pose. I think it's in her DNA, 'cause I sure didn't teach her this.

Noah learned that there's always money in the lemonade stand. And today he expanded his operations to include sno-cones. (Although it meant that he had to sacrifice his prime location in favor of an electrical outlet.)

Then, on Sunday, we decorated the cupcakes for Zack and Darcey's birthday parties. 

I designed these Ninjago cupcakes and Ryan did the artwork. It's a yellow frosted cupcake with black icing eyes and Fruit-By-The-Foot for the ninja face.

They taste good, too.

I don't know why Brad looks angry at his cupcake. He didn't know, either.

Darcey with a little Brad in the background.

The girl's cupcakes are Airhead Extreme Sour rainbows with white fluffy icing clouds.

This is a close up of Noah's skinned knee.

Just kidding, it's a pizza. We had it for dinner tonight.

Also overheard at dinner tonight:

Brad: Nothing rhymes with orange. False. "Orange" and "nothing" do not rhyme.

Next week is going to start with a bang. We've got Darcey's birthday party on Monday and Zack's on Tuesday, and that promises to be a lot of fun. And work. But mostly fun. 

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