Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Project B.S.E. Week Four, Monday

New week, big plans. I was awarded a research fellowship for the summer and part of the award was money to help me go to the Mormon History Association conference in Calgary. Ryan decided to come with me, so this week we're driving to Calgary via Glacier National Park in Montana. My brother Tim gets to have special uncle time with the kids. Lucky him!! (No, really, lucky us!!)

So Ryan and I left Utah for a 10 hour drive to Kalispell, Montana. I've never been further north in Utah than Lagoon so I was interested to see what northern Utah and Idaho look like. Turns out, the two or three hours north of Salt Lake are pretty much identical to the two or three hours south of Orem. No red rocks, but lots of brown rolling hills. Idaho started to get greener and cooler as we drove north, but the real green showed up in Montana. Man! That place is pretty! Outside of Missoula we hit real mountains, covered in pine trees. Every time we turned a corner, one of us would say, "Oh wow! Look at that!" And it'd be more trees, or more mountains, or some water, or whatever. Eventually we got to Polson and that's where the real scenery started. I was really wishing that this whole area was about five hours closer, so I could come back with the kids. It's really gorgeous.

While we were doing all that driving, Tim got the lucky job of taking Darcey to the Princess Festival. It's this event at Thanksgiving Point where little girls dress up like princesses and walk around the garden grounds and meeting grown-up princesses and hearing them tell their stories. She went last year and loved it--one year older and her appreciation of the event was even greater. Tim was nice enough to send me some pictures.

 How does a girl learn to pose like this?? Look at the way her feet are pointed. So cute!

Again with the posing. Sheesh! Quit being so adorable when I'm not there!

Darcey (and her father, incidentally) love these pictures where you stick your head in a cutout. I'm pretty sure we have the same ones from last year's event.

She did some face painting and got her hair done as well.

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