Thursday, May 31, 2007

mid-labor update

hey everyone, I'm attempting to type this while laying on my side in a slightly raised hospital bed, with an i.v. in my right hand, so forgive the typos. So I got to the hospital at 1 pm, and by 2 or 2:15 they started the pitocin. At about 2:30ish I got an epidural, so other than the i.v. and epidural needles, so far it has been relatively pain-free. Although the epidural was fairly painful in itself, I knew it was a smallish price to pay for the pain relief.

Unfortunately, the progress has been slow. With the last two boys, my labor averaged 4 hours or so, but I didn't get an epidural at all with Noah and only for the last 45 minutes with Zack, and with Zack, it markedly slowed my labor, so I'm guessing it's the epidural that is causing this to be slower.

In the next little bit my doctor will come in and break my water, which should speed things up.

Okay, that's it for now.

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