Friday, May 30, 2008

World Record Holder

My kids always give me a reason to be impressed. Whether it's the number of times Zack can cry in one day, or the number of potty-related comments that can be spoken during one family dinner, or how messy Darcey can get with one cup of ice cream (see below), my kids tend to be extremely good at a lot of the things they do.

Check out this potential world record:

Last Day of School
School day starts: 8:00 a.m.
School day ends: 9:30 a.m.
Time of the first "There's nothing to do": 10:38 a.m., by Brad

Yes, folks, I got the first "I'm bored" of the summer, clocking in at a whopping one hour, eight minutes after school let out. Oh yeah, my kids are over-achievers all right. I'd like to see your kid beat that.


Ryan said...

Wow, I can't believe that in just over 1 hour he was already bored...ON THE FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!!!!
Man, it's gonna be a looooooooong summer with that kinda mindset.

Emilayohead said...

11:45 - I took the kids, plus one friend each, to McDonalds for lunch.
1:30 - Arrive home
3:30 - Noah starts crying and asks, "Why do I never get to do anything fun?"

Oh my gosh, it's going to be a long summer!!

Ryan said...

wow, are our kids spoiled pansies or what? Heaven forbid they have to exert their brains long enough to come up with an activity to do for themselves!

Well, now we know that lunch at McDonalds with a friend doesn't count as doing something fun according to Noah!

Drake Steel said...

Oh, I recall Joan saying one time that at 4pm on the final day of school/1st day of vacation she heard a comment on how the child was bored.

One of the interesting things I recall was when I finished 11th grade and sitting in a parking lot after school let out and was thinking back on the year that I'd just completed. It was one of those maudlin things that I think back on that day. It was one of crossroads things. Even when I later got a job, got married, got in and out of the Marines didn't get that response. But it wasn't boredom.

rachel said...

I have to laugh, because Audrey said something very similar right after that lunch break: "Mom, we never get to do fun things!". I was so frustrated I wanted to threaten never to take them anywhere fun ever again. I didn't of course. I have my sanity to protect :).