Friday, June 27, 2008

Introducing Baby Anna!

Finally, I am an aunt!! My first ever niece was born on June 26th to my brother Drew and his wife Kim. Her name is Anna Kimberly Mudgett and of course I've only got two pictures to go by, but I think she's by far the cutest Mudgett we've ever seen. Drew and Kim live in England now, near my parents, and I'm bummed that I missed seeing Anna by only 4 days. But Kim's due date wasn't until July sometime, so I wasn't going to hang around for weeks on end - after all, a watched baby never pops.

I'm excited to be an aunt, and the kids are excited to finally have a cousin. Having a cousin is a big deal around here, because all of their friends have cousins that they play with and when the cousins are over, my kids are shunted to the cousin-less sidelines. Granted, a cousin who is 11 years younger than my oldest child probably isn't going to do much to alleviate the cousin-free weekends, but Darcey is only 1 year older than Anna. If we can ever manage to live in the same time zone, let alone the same continent, maybe the two of them will be friends. Fortunately, my kids are used to having family living far away and only seeing them once a year, so my guess is they'll love their cousin anyhow. After all, she's the only one they've got.

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Helen Knowles said...

As the proud maternal grandmother, I think she is very beautiful as well. Finally got to talk to Kim today for a while. Our internet connections on the cruise ship were horrible. And we had no cell service anywhere we went. So glad your mom was there to keep us updated on Anna's birth. By the way, the airlines lost our luggage on our way to Venice, and we didn't get it back until we were in Santorini, Greece - a week later.