Sunday, June 15, 2008

Ryan stepping in with some Swiss photos...

Emily is alseep right now and has wanted me to 'guest blog' anyways, so I am simply adding some photos of Switzerland with some captions. These are just the tip of the iceberg, I have taken about 300 photos of Switzerland so far. This place is unbelievably gorgeous! To see larger versions, just click on the images of the photos.

This is a huge waterfall that our camp is at the base of. It's amazing and awe-inspiring to look up at, but as high as it looks, there is more mountain above it and houses and towns above it!

Here is proof: this shot is taken on a train ride going up, you can see the same waterfall on the right hand side.

Here is everyone on the train going up. We went up to the highest point in Europe where the snow was!

Another breath taking view from above.

Here we are at the top, there was (man-made) ice tunnels and sculptures. This place was amazing: the floor, walls and ceiling are all ice. You wouldn't believe how many times Brad, Noah and Zack slipped and ended up on the floor (of course they were they only ones running around like crazy due to sheer excitement).

There was a narrow, winding tunnel that the kids absolutely loved running through. It was a bit claustrophobic for us adults. It was about 35 degrees in the tunnels, and even though we are true Utahn's who ski and play in the snow, we were still pretty cold.

Here we have some ducks that came right up to our mobile home unit. We feed them the chewy crust from our loaves of bread.

Here is a very small portion of the awesome Trummelbach falls. This is a waterfall inside a mountain. We climbed steps and tunnels to see all parts of it. Photos and video don't even come close to displaying how visually amazing and impressive this is.

Here we are at one of the towns on top of the mountain. Lots of cows with the bells around their necks. It's a beautiful and unique sound to hear.

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