Wednesday, March 14, 2007

What I Ought to be Doing Instead of Writing this Blog

I ought to be reading a business plan. I've been asked to be a mentor for the a team competing in the Utah Entrepreneur Challenge, which is the business plan competition that I entered two years ago. There are a variety of lectures that the participants are supposed to attend, hosted by the different schools, and I was asked to speak at one at UVSC a few weeks ago. (I was flattered at first, until the professor in charge said that he originally planned to have actual local business leaders speak, but when he couldn't get that to work, asked some former participants to speak instead. He sure knows how to make a girl feel special!) Anyhow, I was asked at that event if I would like to be a mentor for a team in the competition, and I agreed, although now I worry that I'm in over my head. After all, I think I can come across as a fairly professional person, but in reality, we are really a fly-by-the-seat-of-our-pants operation. I can't imagine that I have any advice for these people, although I think I would make a decent sounding board if nothing else. We meet tomorrow night for the first time, at an event in Salt Lake, so I ought to be polishing off reading the executive summary that I was sent. And maybe making a list of impressive sounding business advice that I can throw out and look like I know what the heck I'm talking about. I'll have to see if there's a website out there, like

I ought to be getting my glasses fixed. On Sunday I noticed that one arm of my glasses was wiggly, so I got a little screwdriver out and tried to screw it tighter, but it basically just spun. Today it was even wigglier than before, so I screwed it in some more. At 12:30 or so I finally had a chance to take a shower, and put my glasses on the sink, and when I got out I realized that the arm had finally fallen off. I thought I'd try to put it back together, but what are the chances that I could find the 1/4 inch screw, when I can't see a darn thing? Interestingly enough, the screw was sitting right there, on the counter. It was the arm I had trouble finding! I searched all around, in the trash can, under the cabinet, and I finally found it in the laundry basket. So I take my parts and the screwdriver down to the kitchen table to try to fix this mess, and what do I do but drop the stinkin' screw on the floor! It's gone now, and glasses-less I have no hope in finding it. I call DH to see if he knows where we might have some Krazy Glue to glue the arm on, but he doesn't know if we have any, and I remember a fix he made to his glasses once which will work for me now. So as I'm writing this I have a paper clip attaching the arm to my glasses and it is dangling just inside my peripheral vision.

I ought to be cooking dinner. I'm watching a friend's kid while she goes in for an ulltrasound, and then she is going to watch my kids while I have a doctors appointment. My appointment's at 3:20 which means the wait is going to be interminable, and I doubt I'll be home before 5. Then I need to go somewhere to have my glasses really fixed. At 6:00 I should leave for my photography class, which I didn't do the homework for, because my camera can't do the manual things the class requires. I'm tired of this class and want to quit, mostly because it is frustrating not to be able to do the things I'm supposed to be learning. I don't like failing at things, and even though this isn't completely in my control, it still hurts a little. Anyhow, after class is book group, which actually starts at 7:30 so I'll be a little late. We are discussing Mitch Albom's latest book, "For One More Day" - a nice, short read for book group. But there's almost no way that I'll be able to cook a serious dinner inbetween all of that unless I start now. And, since it is now 2:55, I think that decision has been made for me. Fish sticks it is. (Update: I came home from all of that to hear that the kids scarfed down the fish sticks like they had never eaten before. Another successful dinner!)

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