Sunday, March 25, 2007

You Asked For It!

Okay, so maybe you didn't necessarily ask for it, but I did not get a thunderous stampede of emails saying, "Please, No, Don't show us the horrifying pictures of your surgical sites! We're eating right now, and you will cause us to lose our lunch! Please, think of the children!"

No, I did not get any of those emails, which, in my interpretation, mean "Heck, yes, bring it on!" I did check with my dad to get at least one opinion and he was all for it, which either means that this is a general interest that most people have and he is just the people's representative, or that he's read too many vampire books and likes the gore a little too much.

So here they are. I had Boy #1 take the pictures the first time and they were a little too far away to see the good detail. So DH stepped in and took over, saying that he wanted to take the pictures because he's practicing to be a crime scene photographer. The picture of my face looks better than reality, because the stitches are black and somehow the photo just doesn't seem to capture the dramatic contrast that they make across my cheek. I tried to count, and I could see at least 15 stitches.

Depending on your gore tolerance level, you can click the image to enlarge it. Don't say I didn't warn you.

This next photo looks worse than it actually is, I think. I can't say for sure because I haven't actually seen anything other than this picture, but going by what I've been told, the reason the picture looks so gruesome is that the purple you see is actually a marker. The Costco Lady at it again? No, where the doctor marked me up. I guess he wasn't so sure he wanted to freehand the thing, so he drew it out first. If my husband was a surgeon, he'd be good enough to cut and stitch without having to get out a ruler and trace it first.

This picture is nothing too gruesome. Boy #1 has figured out how to use my digital camera and after he took the required pictures of me, he decided to goof around a little. I was in the midst of ordering him downstairs to fetch me my card reader, when he took this one. He laughed and laughed, I'm not sure why, but he got so much enjoyment out of it, I thought I'd share it.

Well, that's it for me - now you know what drives otherwise normal strangers to cast aside all decency and demand to know what happened to my face!


Drake Steel said...


This churned up several thoughts:

Thought #1: I sure love looking at pictures of our family. Even the picture that Drew got of his great grandfather (who looks just like his grandfather). I don't care what part the the family tree it is... I like seeing my/our people! Drew even quoted Devil in the White City to say that HH Holmes was discribed as looking like one of us.

Thought #2: Its hard to imagine how the woman at the mall or whatever would have felt compelled to ask you about the thing. Its obviously a surgical scar not the outcome of a traffic accident or (after all you are in Utah) bar fight! Its kind of like when I was in high school and the kids who skied (or whatever) having a cast on their leg. We knew what had happened without asking...

Thought #3: Is the wound on the neck as dreadful as it appears or is the Cosco marking pen thing make it look larger than it really is.

Thought #4: That neck wound appears to be right over the spine machinery. Is that about right?

Emilayohead said...

Apparently, the scar on my neck is not as bad as it appears, as it is primarily marker you see. In real life there aren't even stitches to see, because it was glued together, so it looks like a line of skin with a great swath of glue over it. It really is the marker that makes it look so bad. And I think the face scar looks much worse in real life. Fortunately my hair covers the neck wound, as long as I don't look down, which I can't really do because of the glue anyways.

Yes, the neck wound does go right over the spine. In fact the mole-thing that was growing felt like it was dead center on the back of my neck there. I did wonder if that was a concern to anyone, neither doctor who looked at it seemed particularly bothered by its location any more than the fact that it was growing at such an alarming (to me) rate.

My real doctor (not the touchy-feely plastic surgeon) mentioned to me that he had a patient who was pregnant when they discovered she had breast cancer, which grew wildly because she was pregnant. I asked how did that turn out and he said, so bluntly, "Well, she's going to die, but the baby was just fine." It caught me off guard at how he could say that so matter-of-factly, but having known him for several years and 2 pregnancies, I don't think he would have said it that way to the woman herself. So even if it was a major concern that the mole was directly over my spinal cord, I don't think it would have been presented to me in such a scary way.

Drake Steel said...

A couple more thoughts:

Extra thought #1: It turns out I do indeed have a superpower. Its the ability to give up. After I declare that I absolutely, positively can't do, find, solve something... Then it happens, I do, find, solve the thing. (Except if the thing is a library book thats cleverly hiding under a CD.) I'm going to further discribe this in the Blog that you've inspired me to write.

Extra Thought #2: I've decided to do a blog also, and its (within reason) your fault. When I read this I get all these ideas churned up but I don't want to detract from your glory, so I thought, I'd start my own which of course will not detract from anything on the internet.

Extra Thought #3: A guy in the office's wife descovered a lump on her breast while she was pregnant and with the ususual effiency of the NHS they told her to wait until after the baby was born. She did and went home to Alabama (just before H. Katrina...) and did about 1 year of cancer treatment. She appears okay now but it was gut wrenching to see a young woman go through that! On the lighter side the fellow at work, his name is Eric was trying to get a airline flight fixed, the woman doing it said, "this is going to be very difficult." Eric said I can handle almost anything!

Sharis said...

Let's try again...Now I have an account. This is fun! So, I was wondering how you got skin poisoning on the back of your neck! I see from the comments that it was actually a mole. Makes much more sense now! I still don't get what DH stands for, but SM (Scott) had a few similar procedures on his face last year and came through fine. My sister posted several hideous looking pictures of herself last year when she has a big bike accident in a race. It reminded me of that...Gross