Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Drawing On the Powers of Heaven to Realize Righteous Desires

by Edith Marsh

Wednesday: How to Grow and Progress from Trials and Afflictions

When we are trying to achieve a new level of righteousness, Satan works hard to discourage us.

People can fail us, but the savior never will. He is an unchanging God. I will not put my arm in the arm of flesh 2 Nephi 4

When we turn to the savior with yearning hearts he speaks peace to our souls. And it's not conditional peace. The lord is not turned away by circumstances, even though we say it won't happen to us for all these reasons.

The world will tell you in bad circumstances that you can’t possibly have peace. But the savior gives you a peace inside that can come to you regardless.

Alma 58:10-12 - pour out souls to strengthen us, he spake peace to souls, granted great faith, gave hope, we took courage - they didn't get anything tangible, but got assurance that everything would be okay, and they were more determined to conquer.

Harold b lee said the hardest test is the death of a loved one.

Mosiah 24: eases their burdens, broaden shoulders, burdens didn't get taken away but they felt light. So they would stand as a witness that the Lord visits people in their affliction.

She was in a car accident and when she regained consciousness the spirit told her that her husband was dead but everything was going to be okay. Isn't that what we would do for our child - comfort them, over and over, tell them even through their pain that everything is going to be all right. She felt that joy and peace that comes from the savior, and has never forgotten it.

D&c 45:62 - great things await you

Don’t give up on the lord, the prayer you are asking is probably already being answered; it just takes some time to get it.

The savior would have use serve others by relieving their pain the best we can. The lord often sends angels to bear us up, sometimes those angels are people.

The most special times come through dark moments.

Jacob 3:1 - he will console you and plead your cause

Strength is forged in adversity.

Once we accept that life is difficult, then it doesn't feel difficult - because we've changed our expectations. It pains us when we expect life to be easy.

Everyone gets their own package because the lord knows what we need - our trials will bring out our talents the best.

It is pain that brings hope, it is pain that purifies. Growth and progress depend more on the difficult conditions than the easy ones.

Don't ask the lord to take away the trials he has specifically designed for your growth.

Three kinds of problems:
1. Problems that are natural consequence of mortal life.
2. Problems of our own making.
3. Trials that the Lord gives us for our eternal growth.

One of the purposes of adversity is preparation.

The answer to our pain is prayer - bring our hearts to the lord through prayer.

Philippians 4:7

Alma 22:23

Let us not die with our music still in us.

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