Thursday, August 21, 2008

Ed Week Thursday

If Education Week is a marathon, today was the day where I hit a wall. I'm still chugging along, but the energy is fading and it's getting harder to imagine another day of this. Don't get me wrong, it is still amazing, but after four solid days of constant input, my poor little brain is choking.

It would help if I didn't have so much junk cluttering up valuable brain space. I have a collection of useless trivia and 80's jingles taking up a serious amount of real estate that would sure come in handy when I'm trying to remember Articles of Faith 5-12 or the fact that there is a book in the Old Testament called Ruth. No, I can't have useful trivia, it all has to be the useless kind to get stuck in my brain. And all of the hymns that I'll never be able to memorize because I've got the Freedent Gum commercial permanently at the top of my mental playlist.

(In case you were wondering, here's how it goes:
Freedent's the one that took the stick out of gum -
And Freedent moistens your mouth.
Yes, moistens your mouth!
And freshens your breath while you chew!)

I've got more gems where that came from. I'm notorious in my scrapbooking circle for one time, very late at night, singing an o.b. tampon commercial I memorized years before I knew what a tampon was used for. Did I mention we were in public at the time? And I seem to recall being fairly loud, as I tend to be when I'm excited. That jingle is the reason I'll never remember what the Pythagorean Theorem is. There's just no room for useful info when I've got jingles to keep track of.

And that's not even mentioning the Big-Mac-Ingredient song, or the Washington Redskins fight song that I learned from my dad, which I've never heard another human sing in my entire life and therefore suspect that I might have given precious brain lodgings to a song my family made up. (It's been known to happen - my brother Tim asked to sing the song "Scripture Pages" in Primary, not knowing that "Scripture Pages" was the song my mom made up to the tune of "Picture Pages" to call the family together for scriptures. Oh! Picture Pages! That's another one I remember!)

Point being, there's just no room left. That's why these notes are so important to me - most of what I'm hearing has a non-stop route in my right ear and out the left, so if I write it down I've got a second chance to internalize some of this. It's the only hope I have, to go over this at home and hopefully these important doctrines and such will be the crowbar that finally pries out

"All of the pleasure, None of the guilt - TCBY!"


"Chili's, A celebration of food!"


"Rice-a-roni, The San Francisco treat. Ding! Ding!"

It's a tall order, but if anything can do it, Education Week can.


I didn't add any new classes today, so here are the classes I updated for Thursday:
How to Write your personal history
Calming the Storms within
Speaking the Language of Faith
Parables of Redemption
Making Marital Adjustments


rachel said...

Ah yes, I remember the tampon jingle. You crack me up, Emily. I remember the mcdonalds ingredient list one, but that is about it. My brain seems to just crowd out things as new info comes in, so retention is lost completely.

McEwens said...

I did a lesson in YW once where I did a jingle and they had to guess the product then read a scripture to see if they could guess where it was