Friday, August 22, 2008

Our Divine Design

by Scott Anderson

could we remember what it was like in the premortal life to receive our mission call. There were cheers in heaven when we got our mission call.

There are two major focal points of all prophecy in the scriptures.
1. The savior's life, the 1st prophecy ever in this life was made about him. Adam's sacrifice was a similitude. Study all of the prophecies and they point toward the savior.
2. Our life. This moment in time. What it would be like to get a mission call to our day? We would have known it would be hard but we would have been thrilled. Our world is changing so rapidly and we were personally trained to be here at this time. We shouted for joy. Now we're on the earth and we just shout.

Elder Holland - Mormon 8:34-35 - all prophets had visions of our time, which gave them comfort during their darker times. There would finally be one dispensation that would not fail. Ours, not theirs. It gave them joyful anticipations. It allowed them to prophecy of victory. The prophets have been looking at our day from the beginning of time, they are still looking and cheering us on. We go into battle in these last days representing Alma and abinadi and peter and Paul and the sacrifices they made.

They are still cheering us on. Section 58 - whether you live or die, you’ll be bless, great glory after tribulation - you are honored to come and lay a foundation. No one celebrates a great foundation, but they were honored to lay a foundation for us to live their dreams, of building Zion. The pioneers are cheering us on. We will be blessed beyond all others. We are the first being invited into the wedding feast.

One of the reasons the lord didn't temper the weather for the handcart companies so that we would have a sacrifice so great that it would be emblazoned in our hearts.

we have to do this together, not just me or my family, but the whole society together, being unified in purpose.
4 Nephi 1:1-

1. Be baptized
2. receive the Holy Ghost
3. Be converted - study one principle every month, and then do something about it so we are converted.

Object lesson - start at the temple, talk about premortal life, give them three golden keys. Drive away, mother told about children’s births. Then go to chuck e cheeses, mortal life. People would offer them 10 tokens for one of their keys. At the door, their earthy trinkets were taken away. Go to mortuary, learn about what happens after death, and if they had their keys they could be exalted.

4. Marriage and family - mosiah 26:15-20 god is more concerned about this part of our life than we know.
5. Temples

so many people define their lives by their present circumstance

two things brethren are deeply concerned
1. Debt - we've changed
2. Media - allowing us to receive wickedness in many ways
these are the ways Satan always uses to destroy Zion. Our hearts change and we treat each other badly. 4 Nephi 1:21 - the beginning of the bad end

Alma 58 - heavenly father wants to give us assurances that we will be comforted and have hope

Pres. Monson April 2008 sat morning talk - we can and will win our war against sin.

His Healing Hand

Gifts that we receive individually from the Lord.
One of the kindnesses we have is the veil - all we'd do is yearn to be back, we'd be homesick. Enoch sees the lord weeping because he wants his children to come back. His deep personal goal is to have the privilege to take us home to the father.
Jacob 4:5 - the savior wants us to worship the father in his name.
"Receive" 10 times in 12 verses of priesthood oath.

He has prepared for us a series of magnificent gifts.
Alma 7:11-13 - he takes on more than just sins

if they are aware of us down here, what did we feel when we watched him suffer in Gethsemane, did we weep together and rejoice as he completed his mission?

We were prepared for our circumstances specifically.
D&c 88
d&c 18 - gifts

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GREAT NOTES! I am working my way downward in your notes, I love the keys and tokens from Chuckie Cheese